BrightCard Consulting

An increasing number of companies are considering the use of smart cards for the first time. A few individuals in the organization may have a general knowledge of the technology, sale but have not generally had real-world experience implementing and deploying smart card-based programs. While needing advice and counsel on how to proceed, pharm they may be loathe to turn to a supplier, buy who may only present choices from a range of technology offered by that company. This is where BrightCard can help.

BrightCard’s extensive experience with both the strategy and the tactics of smart card deployment can be effectively used to benefit any new program. We have dealt many times with the myriad potential questions which inevitably arise:

  • What kind of card is best suited for my needs?
  • How can I most efficiently personalize the cards?
  • How does my system architecture change with the use of smart cards?
  • Is the program cost-justified vs. other alternatives?
  • What level of security is available to keep my information safe?
  • How will the cards interface with my network?
  • What hardware components are the most appropriate?
  • etc.

BrightCard would be pleased to field consultants able to help you answer these questions in advance, so you can avoid unnecessary deployment difficulties, and understand fully the path ahead as you engage in the process of deploying smart cards in your organization. We can describe lessons learned from a large number of comparable deployments to let you choose just the right solution to meet your particular needs.

Please contact us to discover how we can bring all our experience to bear on your requirements!