Choosing the right smart card technology

BrightCard helps clients choose the right technology for a given requirement. While a few smart card readers and other components can be bought online with no support, ampoule BrightCard helps its clients understand the tradeoffs between many options available, stuff including both well-known brands and lesser-known technology suppliers. Without making the best choice up-front, sick with a full awareness of the wide range of options available, companies can waste valuable time in pursuing solutions based on sub-optimal technology choices. BrightCard maintains up-to-date information on all the alternatives available to its customers, so that they don’t have to invest in becoming smart card technology experts, but can remain focused on their core application business.

We will work closely with you, asking you key questions to frame your options before you make final technology choices. We will help you test and evaluate the available solutions, so that you can validate the fit between key components and your application suite. You will benefit from our expertise to avoid heading up a dead-end alley, or limiting your future options through lack of awareness of solutions that are available.

We are particularly proud of our global sourcing ability. We regularly participate in international industry events to keep up with the latest developments world-wide. We work closely with the major corporations and with smaller, innovative companies worldwide to keep up with the latest developments. Our founders’ European heritage makes us able to bring leverage many of the innovative developments in this industry which are coming from Europe, and adapt them to the needs of the US market. Since smart card technology is one area where many advances are being made internationally, this capability is particularly appreciated by our North American clients.