If you are considering enhancing of your current magstripe or barcode systems to smart card technology.

BrightCard can help you determine:

  • What the tradeoffs are between different card standards, advice treatment suppliers, viagra order and systems
  • How a systems architecture can be adapted to take advantage of the inherent smart card capabilities
  • What security options, including PKI, Digital Certificates, and biometrics can be integrated into the system design to address concerns of data accessibility
  • How to avoid getting locked in to proprietary solutions which may limit choices at a later stage of the development cycle
  • How to plan operationally for a smooth transition between card systems

We can also help you evaluate the various form factors which may be available, including traditional credit-card plastic cards, keyfobs, embedded tags, wristbands, or other options. With the advent of RFID, these options are considerably extended, and now that these tags are being manufactured in very large quantities, they are becoming very affordable compared to more traditional identification solutions.

We are particularly well-positioned to provide smaller quantities of cards, either blank or personalized. Due to our purchasing volume and long-standing relations with card manufacturers, we are able to procure cards at highly competitive rates, even for quantities which are under the minimum threshold of most major suppliers.