BrightCard has unique strengths in the convergence between two major trends: smart cards and mobility.

Each of these technologies is driven by different forces, ed using different standards, look and the cross-over is a specialized area where our extensive operational expertise is unique in the world. Whether it is the combination of smart ID cards and PDAs, WiFi and readers, or cellphones/smart phones and contactless card, we help our clients understand their options, and the implications in a real-life deployment of these solutions.

We help our clients find the ideal combination of features from among a sometimes overwhelming set of alternatives based on:

  • Type of PDA/smartphone
  • Wireless communications options
  • Alternative readers
  • Type of card
  • Additional add-on features required

We are particularly expert in the new standard of NFC (Near Field Communications), in which smart card read/write capabilities are being integrated into cellphones. We are one of the first companies with live operational deployment experience of NFC, and we work closely with the companies which are pioneering this new technology.