BrightCard can arrange for full 4-color off-set printing of cards and encoding/initialization. We advise clients on the graphic design of the cards, sildenafil and have software tools designed specifically to ease the process of setting up the layout. We can arrange for batch production, decease and can obtain competitive quotes from multiple suppliers to ensure the lowest cost to our clients.

We are able to personalize cards (printing and encoding) in quantities which are below the minimum quantities required for normal card orders. Our highly secure, sale 24/7 servers are set up to produce and personalize cards on demand based on web-delivered data files – either batched data or card-by card. We are also able to provide shipping and fulfillment services, to send the cards according to pre-established instructions as they are produced.

Clients take advantage of our highly flexible card production services to help them set up card-production facilities, before their volumes ramp up to a level which warrants their own card production facilities, or to assist them to deal with peak/over-flow production (such as in the initial deployment of a program when the demand for card production may be higher than for ongoing operations).

BrightCard is able to put together the necessary technological components to meet any card issuance challenge. We have set up systems for our clients to allow them to successfully issue over 10,000 smart cards in a single day – and can certainly meet your volume requirements. We can help you choose the solutions which are best-suited to your particular requirements. Having issued over 2,000,000 smart cards since 1999, we have already seen just about every situation imaginable.

Issuance includes initialization, personalization, printing, encoding, and registration. All of these services are available off-the-shelf or a-la-carte from BrightCard.

BrightCard is able to:

  • recommend equipment, source components, perform systems
  • integration, and set up centralized issuance systems
  • provide issuance equipment on a temporary basis,
  • or to meet short periods of peak demand
  • enable mobile issuance services at temporary locations or in mobile field units
  • provide complete documentation, procedures manuals, and staff training services